Friday, April 12, 2013

at week's end

I volunteer a lot this week. Giving a couple of hours of seated chair massage at the university. Feeling so fulfilled and happy to be able to provide a little bit of stress relief and healthy, healing touch to these hardworking students. For these smiling, and very grateful young people.

I read a beginner fiction book to a very sweet fifth grade boy. Who seeks me out every Wednesday to sit beside him, work on a puzzle with him, walk and talk with him back to class. (I think we're friends.)

I re-shelve school library books.

I write long, detailed late-night emails. Joy comes in the morning when I read their own.

I wash sinkfuls of dishes. Sweep floors, tidy, and put away piles and piles of everybody's stuff.

I run for fun. In the morning sun.

I run kids here and there and everywhere.

I practice CPR and Russian sports massage.

I am constantly seeking beauty everywhere I go. In every place. In every thing.

I fill up my shopping cart full with colorful, abundant food. I stock the pantry. I clean out the refrigerator. And I make meal after meal after meal with all that food.

I find great purpose and great joy in giving ongoing massage to a neighbor in her recent surgery recovery, and especially for this sweet little angel boy who faces life-long and daily challenges with cerebral palsy and his own recent surgery. A reaffirmation that, yes, this is why I'm doing this.

I out-loud vocalize and decide once and for all that I am an introvert. Probably always have been. More and more so as I age. I'm okay with me.

I notice, with slight irritation, that these birds habitual and strategical perching on tree branches directly above my driveway parked car is definitely not a good thing.

I meet a cherished friend from my old neighborhood for lunch. It's so nice when you have the type of friendship where you can, at any time, just pick up where you left off and the feelings and connection never really changes.

I wish there was more time to clean my bathroom. To get outside and get things spruced up and ready to plant.

I notice that it's the little things-- life's simple daily-ness-- that brings some of my deepest joys... Spying a new bird's nest with Isaac as we walk through the library parking lot... Tight goodbye or "just because" squeezes... A stranger's kind smile or friendly wave... Just the right book to once again lose myself in... Music, at the ready, to match my mood... Opening up the mailbox and smiling wide at a hand written letter, note, or card... The beauty, the delights, the welcomed change and that comes with a new season.


  1. That asparagus photo is beautiful...great, great shot.

  2. I'm glad you write so often, it seems to be the only way I know what's up with you. I'm pleased as ever to know you're doing so well, that you're continuing with your photography even though you are busy with school. I hope we can catch up soon. Much love to you!