Sunday, April 28, 2013

good things weekend

:: sending off an "i love you" package to her. knowing how happy she'll be.

:: pink tulips in a jug inside. pink tulips standing so proud outside.

:: chopin in the mornings.

:: blossom heaven. glorious.

:: her with a braid.

:: the fresh, green smell that comes with the first lawn mowing of the year.

:: making their own little pizzas.

:: star wars saturday afternoon marathons for little boys and big boys. and their friends.

:: her art displayed, her own little show for all to see. a semester project culmination. so proud.
(i'll share tomorrow.)

:: taking saturday morning slow. breakfast pudding gathering us to the table. so so good. (another thing i want to share. soon.)

:: poems that feed my soul. that resonate true.

:: the tired, yet satisfied exhale that comes after a month of so much doing. so very much.

:: the excitement, the enthusiasm, the devouring by these little 8 year olds all because i thought to bring in a platter of veggies and hummus, sliced apples to primary class (the 8 year old "sunday school" class keith and i teach every sunday at church). this lesson on keeping our bodies healthy really sinking in, i think.

:: sharing vegan chocolate-chip cookies i made last night (the best recipe yet. a keeper, for sure) with these vegan roommates of hers that came by this afternoon for a visit. making my day. that they like me as much as they do. that we are friends on facebook as well as friends in real life. so sweet.

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