Friday, May 3, 2013

hello may

sunny blue skies and snowflakes all in one day
early morning light and bird song to wake up to
she turns fifteen years 
broken rib recovery month
(alas, yet another mishap. a tight hug this time...)
mailbox stuffed every day now with college recruiting letters
massage clinic internship begins
(every saturday morning now until i graduate in october)
twenty three years of marriage
he goes to prom
all the good women who've mothered us in one way or another
(we honor you) 
hearing his voice when he calls home
crab apple and lilac blossoms out back and on the roadside.
(i drink you in) 
getting back to the sewing machine
(i think i need some of these)
getting back to the garden
getting back to the weeding
dandelions taking over 
end of the school year celebrations and culminations
what does may have in store for you?

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