Monday, May 20, 2013

morning after

Unlike most mornings, I drove him to school.
It must have rained during the night,
but I seemed to have slept through it.
I was so tired,
oh so bone weary.
And ah, these Sunday nights.
Too late to bed and wide awake a little before five.
Yet again.

I let go of the usual routine.
No walk, no run today.
The mist on the mountains
drew me in

So I made a quick dash at home
and grabbed the camera.
eager in my rush
to catch it all
before it was too late.

A seeker.
A looker.
A finder.
A lover.

Wandering around
for nearly an hour.
Up to the foothills and circling back down
once or twice.

So satisfied.
Soul satisfied
and replenished
as rest now,
at last
enters in.


  1. You have a very lovely blog :) visiting from heather's workshop.

  2. The cabin and mountain photos are amazing! It must have been such a lovely walk - especially with a camera to document it all. : )