Friday, May 24, 2013


:: for eyes that see beauty even in a patch of weeds.

:: for him begging me to sit by him. 

:: for cool, soft sheets against end-of-a-long-day skin.

:: for sweet smiling eyes and a sweet smiling mouth.

:: for these many souls... the old, elder ones, the sweet young pregnant ones, the tired and weary ones, the anxious and worried ones, the over-burdened ones, the muscle aching ones, the peace and solace seeking ones,  the tense and tight ones... all seeking out strong and soothing hands on a Saturday morning.

:: for an afternoon to really connect and renew with my sister. Connecting soul to soul with massage, Thai lunch date, lots of laughs, and heart-to-heart sharing.  

:: for the surprise and joy hearing his quiet and familiar "Mom" on the phone.

:: and then the sigh of relief knowing that someone in far of Finland had the goodness, the honesty, the kindness in their heart to pick up his lost and dropped wallet left behind on a street and turn it in to the citywide lost and found station. (and what an idea that is.) Return it and all of its contents just as it was found. A tender mercy.

:: for food that is not only satisfying, but nourishing as well.

:: for an angel friend.

:: to have a dear friend call in sobbing tears of joy (and my own soon to follow. goosebumps running up and down my body, too) and utter amazement and couldn't wait a minute more to share this wonder with me. Bursting to say that our Jane, out of thousands of other possible missionaries was the one (without her daughter's, or Jane's, or anybody else's foreknowledge.) to stand there at the curb, ready and waiting to welcome and escort my friend's new missionary daughter--Jane's own childhood friend-- into the training center. A little miracle; another tender mercy we just can't deny.

:: for contentment, knowing that all that hard work paid off in the end. So happy, relieved, and satisfied (and even taken by surprise) with the success and accomplishment and achievement that's come my way at the end of another term, another grueling round of final exams.

:: for letting loose, letting off steam, and laughing so hard with all my fellow students (who feel like family) as we concluded the stress-filled week with a crazy game of charades. Finding myself making a pretty darn good impression of a woolly mammoth. So fun.

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