Thursday, May 30, 2013

these are the days

pale pink peonies
(my favorite flower of all time)

picnics in a park
flowers left on a grave
 watching him dancing the Tarantella  with the other third graders at the school Dance Festival

vines and foliage filling out on the front porch

sore throats, coughing fits, and body aches

end of the year awards assemblies
(outstanding Spanish 1 student for her, he wins the arm wrestling contest, and Isaac taking grand prize for penmanship in the first through fifth grades)
us in sandals 

preparations for summer art classes here at our house
(her first entrepreneurial and teaching experience)

preparations for Jane to fly on a jet plane far, far away
next Tuesday

preparations for camp the first week after school lets out

celebrating the last day of school with one-on-one time
with Mom
talk about summer dreams and plans

water parties with friends
pouring over yearbooks
a welcome visit to the bookstore


  1. I loved when school ended, the assemblies, awards, band and chorus concerts all wrapping up a busy year. Love the peony, it reminds me of my grandmother who loved them so.