Friday, June 14, 2013

friday funday: we go for a hike in goblin valley

I decided to take the kids on a little adventure today. Fridays seem like the day for this kind of thing. There are just so many beautiful and diverse places in our state to discover and explore.
We left at seven o'clock this morning and arrived for our hike right when things got really hot. It's a desert after all. Good thing we brought along plenty of water.
Even though the drive was long and it would have made more sense to go at a cooler time of the year, we still had fun just being together. That's all that really matters when it all comes down to it.
Here's what made today special. And memorable:
:: Packing special foods.
:: Singing opera in the car and laughing about it.
:: Time to talk.
:: Getting pulled over for a speeding ticket. (not so special.)
:: A chance to see new sights.
:: The absolute delight when a nice breeze would come through, cooling down our sweaty, hot bodies.
:: An opportunity to take lots of photos. 
:: Trying to figure out the language of all the foreign tourists.
:: Finding relief in shady spots like the caves we happily discovered and crawled into.
:: For the friendship and love I see between these two.
:: Spotting darting lizards.
:: Taking a nap in shady park on the way home.
:: Pride in myself for having the gumption to allow for some spontaneity, independence, and confidence to grow a little bit more, and for this adventurous spirit to have a chance to spread her wings and FLY!

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  1. bummer about the ticket but yay for opera singing in the car! It appears you live near/in a hot dry place, so beautiful!