Sunday, June 30, 2013

images of a sunday... and a little talk, too

We're in a heat wave. I hear it's the same thing all over the West. Isaac called the weather recording on the phone this afternoon, and that man's voice said it was 112 degrees. Just to be sure, Eliza called a few hours later and it was down to 108. I'm not kidding you when I say it's like walking into an oven just going outdoors. A hot dry oven. Too hot to do anything out. Eating supper on the deck this evening was just too much. I found myself dripping with sweat even inside the house.

Call me crazy, but I turned the oven on to bake this afternoon. I think it was totally worth it, though. There are a lot of good strawberries and blueberries in the fridge that needed to be used up.

Sam's cellphone started blaring right in the middle of our church services today. A whole conglomeration run-through of alarm sounds. He was sitting there right next to me and couldn't get it to stop in what seemed like forever. Embarrassing, nerve wracking, startling, and funny all at the same time. I saw a lot of subdued smiles looking our way. Poor kid. He said he for sure thought it was on silent.

Speaking of church. Eliza addressed our congregation this morning. This young woman of fifteen years, given a situation and a learning experience that could be so intimidating to most people, standing and speaking so confidently and so poised up there at the podium. She had put so much time and thought this week in preparing for it. She spoke so eloquently, but most of all, she spoke her heart.

After church, I took a much needed nap. Even if it was only for a half an hour. After that, I packed up my massage table and headed over to work the little legs of my (almost thirteen year old) friend D______. He lives just around the corner from us. He has cerebral palsy. He is probably the sweetest young man I know, with a smile that lights up the room. I've been so blessed to go to his house every Sunday afternoon and thankful that we've become good friends. This makes me very happy.

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  1. those pesky cell phones! I check my phone at least three times just to "be sure". It's amusing when it's not my phone ;)