Friday, June 21, 2013

midsummer day

Summer is in full swing. Today being the official first day and all. In honor of the day, I thought I'd share these photos I took this morning. Doesn't summertime just bring light and joy to your heart? I know it does to me.

These summer days seem bursting with good things, while at the same time, bring a quietness that I like. A nice balance between the usual routine of daily life mixed with a relaxed, lazy feel.

My days and my life are filled with mostly the same day-to-day-ness. Quiet, unrushed, cool mornings. Various mid-morning massage sessions throughout the week. Watering the plants and work in the garden. Tidying the house. Solitude in my corner chair with my books. Time in the kitchen with mealtime preparation, as is usual, summertime or not. Study and naps in the afternoon. School at night.

The children seem happily engaged. Eliza's neighborhood art classes are held here two afternoons a week. Sam occupied with his own job, basketball practice, and time spent with friends. Isaac has his nose constantly in a book, playing board games with friends, creating with paper, pen, and the usual Legos strewn about. He and I will go bowling in a little while for our little Friday adventure.

Someone is always hungry and I can't seem to get a handle on the dirty dishes and cups that continually fill the sink.

Today is the Ragnar Relay I've run in years past. I'm missing it this year and kind of longing to be there, running with so many other like minded souls through the back country mountains, small towns, and countryside of our beautiful state. For the last two years, I just haven't had a team to run with. Hopefully, next year I can join in the fun and the crazy memories.

Tomorrow, I have my first Saturday off (one out of two until I'm finished in October) from my shift at the school clinic. I'll be attending an all day holistic health conference and am looking forward to learning new things and the rejuvenation I know I'll come away with.

Speaking of Midsummer Day: Gary wrote home on Monday that in Finland, this day (and tomorrow) is an official holiday. He's been invited by some church member friends to spend tomorrow in a country cottage in the forest. (Doesn't that sound nice?) He says that when he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night, it's still bright outside. He's loving his life there in Finland.

And our Jane writes that she's never been as happy as she is now there in her own first area of missionary service in Taiwan. She's living in a small rural and isolated town on the eastern seaside; surrounded by mountains, jungle, and rice paddies. She loves her non-English speaking Taiwanese companion Sister Wu. She rides her bike everywhere, ( "My legs are all beat up from falling so many times...") and about the new cuisine, she says, "They know that I'm not picky, that I've been really trying to eat what they offer, and they love that. So far this week, I have eaten the eyes from a fish (the best part?) that Shi Jiemei wanted me to eat, since I am new I guess, century egg slices, bamboo, seaweed, green bean juice (really, mashed up cooked green beans with water.. the beans they eat here are always sweet, never salty), lychee, and some other things that I don't know what they were..."

Her letters also tell of "bug bites all over, mangoes, papaya, guava, sweat, tai chi, getting lost out in the dark countryside last night, seeing the stars, smiling so much my mouth hurts, because there's not much I can say, church choir practice, new experience using the train bathroom, and very beautiful people, with whom I am so happy to learn from and serve. They are teaching me so much. I am so happy. Yuli is heaven on Earth."

I couldn't be happier for these two. They are living their dreams. They are happy and well. They are trying to serve with their whole hearts. They are learning and growing in ways too numerable to count. They are being blessed.

And on this midsummer day, I too am living my own dreams. My life is so full. So beautiful. So very blessed.

Happy Summer, friends!


  1. When you read about days like the one you shared here, I can see how blessed our every day lives truly are. Both of your children are living the dream that was placed there by The One that loves them dearly. Thank you Emily for sharing.

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