Sunday, June 9, 2013

with or without you (round two)

Dear Jane,
Tomorrow is your birthday, but our tomorrow here is your today there in far off Taiwan.
You are just beginning your day. Waking up to a whole new world.  A whole new world filled with new sights, new sounds, new tastes, new impressions, new people, new experiences. And I can hardly wait for the first email-- all those wonderful details and descriptions we'll receive (hooray for Mondays!) in the next few hours.
It amazes me that you are officially now in your twenties. (That seems old, and makes me feel even older!). You are taking the first steps on your path into adulthood. Entering a new era of growth and discovery in your life's journey.
And I couldn't be more happy for you than I am at this moment. Proud as I am because of you. For the person you've become. For the person you are becoming.
And even though you are far away and far from home, I baked you a cake to celebrate the day. (Vegan! Of course!) And like your brother whose special day we honored and remembered just as we do your own today, we lit the candles and sang to you. Tears welling up warm in my eyes as I silently made a wish for you and blew them all out.
How could I not? How could I forget?
Holding you in my arms, stroking your long, smooth hair, kissing you on the cheek, and loving you with my whole heart...
Your Mom

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