Monday, July 22, 2013

a little bit of summer sewing

I've been having the itch to head into my sewing room.
Whip something up fun for my summer wardrobe.
I wanted to find a pattern for a peasant-type blouse.
You know-- Empire waist, scooped and gathered elastic neck, capped sleeves.
Cool, breezy, simple, and easy to whip out.

I went to the fabric store on Thursday.
Even though I should have studied.
Sometimes, I find that it's good to have a release from the grind.
I found just the right pattern-- Hooray!
Every time, I have to open it up and make sure I can understand the things before I buy it.
Sometimes, the pattern language and directions can be so confusing.
(And sometimes, I'm a little dense.)
I was happy to find that the fabric that caught my eye was on sale, too.
Double hooray!

I could wear these dresses every day.
Most summer days, pulling on a skirt-- especially one I've sewn up-- feels just right.
Now, I think I'll make some blouses if I can squeeze in the time.
And Eliza is now begging me to make her some, too.

There's something so satisfying when you make your own clothes.
And this goes for other creative endeavors, as well. 
Whether it's arranging a simple flower arrangement, pulling together ingredients for something delicious (as well as pleasing to the eye) for the dinner table, organizing a drawer or closet, adding a thoughtful touch to make a space more beautiful, penning thoughts to create a poem, carefully composing a photograph to capture a fleeting moment in time...

When the creative urge strikes, I can't resist the pull.
I can't resist that happiness.


  1. I love your fabric choices! So cute... I saw that pattern and passed it by...think I may need to give it a try. :)

  2. That looks wonderful. Beautiful dresses. The fabrics are great.
    It is so nice to create things, no matter what. It is Always good if you can make it yourself ; )
    Have a great day.

  3. Oo I love your fabric choices too especially the navy one.