Friday, July 26, 2013

friday at home

It's Friday. 
I wish I had plans for tonight. 
Something besides sitting through 
a three and a half hour lecture on Pathology.
Because of the state founder's holiday 
on Wednesday-- Pioneer Day-- 
we have class tonight when normally we don't.

I'm so needing a break.
How I'd like to go somewhere.
Not have the pressure of study and classes and tests hanging over my head.
But I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
And this is what I chose.
And this is what is now.

Isaac went fishing 
with my sister and his cousin this afternoon.
Sam went to another lake yesterday for a student council retreat and comes home sometime tonight.
I wish I could have gone with them.

I told everyone the other night 
how much I'd like to go camping.
Just to lay out under the stars and gaze.
Smell campfire.
Surround myself in the trees. 
Feel enveloped, safe in these mountains that surround me.

These summer days pretty much seem to be a routine.
The home rhythms are a comfort.
I can find solace here at home, I remind myself.
Sometimes, it finds me and 
sometimes I have to go looking for it.
Open my eyes to the abundance that's right before my eyes.
I don't need to go on some adventure to find it,
even though a change of scenery sure would be nice.

I stayed in bed longer this morning than I normally do.
I cleaned and tidied first thing 
and I know that having order always brings calm and peace.
I gave two massages.
When I'm in that state of mind, 
just allowing myself to be in the moment, 
it's a kind of meditation for me.
As relaxing as it is for my clients.

I found myself needing to bake this afternoon.
After all, the bananas were getting brown.
It's a centering thing, too.
And wandering around the house
with my camera is a joy I needed and found today, too.

Happy Weekend, friend, and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. There will be peaceful blissful slow days ahead wherein you feel so fulfilled for having accomplished something with sacrifice that enriches you and bless others. Love you, friend! Beautiful pictures!