Wednesday, July 3, 2013

yes, please

tint on my tootsies. summertime rarity.

a little out of my fashionista comfort zone repertoire, too, with this blue and all, but it's happy and it's whimsy and it's fun. and fun is good.

bowl full of cherries. summertime snack.

simple, seasonal delight looked forward to all year long. this little gift-globe i plop in my mouth. sensation burst all at once of cold, smooth, firm. of snap and juicy sweet-sour pleasure. and in one quick motion, just like that, stoney pit is released from fruit-flesh. tongue on autopilot from a lifetime of successive summers.

sushi for supper. summertime fare.

when it's too hot to cook and there's simply no appetite or desire for heavy on days like these. kind of a production overall, but when the mood strikes, i give in to creativity. this work of my hands. these little gift wrapped, hand-held bundles of delicious goodness. enough for here and enough to share there later tonight when we'll all need a break and a pick-me-up. a perfect coming together unity of color, texture, form, and beauty. food art. food love. 

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  1. I love your polish color as well as your sandles!