Saturday, August 31, 2013

in the air

I can sense it... 

Without me and
within me:

Cool, crisp mornings. 
Mountainside dotted with beginnings of autumnal color. 
Light slanting golden and warm. 
Sunflower blooms on the side of a country road. 
Late season storms rolling in. 
The children all settled, back to their school rhythms. 
The gentle flow and transition from one season to the next. 

My favorite time of the year.

I've always considered  late August and September a time of new beginnings. Probably more so than springtime. My mind becomes filled with plans and ideas and home and new routines. With all the activity of summer, I find this a time to slowly go inward. And with them gone all day now, I'm easing into my own. 

Hunkering down to serious study. 
Taking myself to lunch. 
Getting back to my yoga and meditation practice. 
Finding a more consistent pattern in my running.
Easier with the morning routine that's automatically set up.
Feeling the need to cozy.
Lighting the candle at mealtime.
Soup for supper.
New pillows on the couch to nestle into. 
New mug found today at the craft fair. 
All of us agreeing it will be the perfect vessel for a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate on cool mornings and quiet evenings.

I will enjoy these last few weeks of summer, though. Looking forward to Monday's hike with the kids. Welcoming and relishing in the harvest of other's gardens and letting go of the failure that was our own. Letting go of the way this summer was different from other summer times in years past. 

Ah, so much letting go and all the while, embracing change.

Change is the one constant, I'm learning.

Friday, August 16, 2013


Happy Birthday,
sweet Isaac.

You are loved.
So so much much so.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

around here

Long time no see.
Well, a week's not that long.

But the days have been full, and so much living going on with no real time to tell about it.

:: I spent the early part of the week getting Sam and Eliza all outfitted for a four day church youth excursion. A pioneer trek they call it. A wonderful, meaningful, and memorable experience to be able to understand their heritage. To get a little taste and glimpse of what their ancestors did to come to this mountain home. An opportunity to build their own faith. 

These kids, hundreds of them, all dressed the part with bonnets and suspenders. They researched life stories of these strong and faith-filled  great, great (and even more greats) grandparents of theirs. (That other Eliza whose name is her own, too.) They walked and walked for miles in the dust and in the mud, pulling and pushing a heavy laden handcart. They ate their meals from tin plates and sat around a campfire. Slept under the stars. Learned to dance the Virginia Reel. Came home last night sunburned and heart changed.

:: It was end of term finals week for me. I spent most of my days studying my heart out. So much to memorize and recall and retain. It was nice to have a little more quiet and time at home with not so much taking kids here and there, and I felt bad that Isaac was the only child and it got to be pretty lonely for him while mom had to do what she needed to do, but thank goodness for neighborhood friends and visits at Mama and Papa's house that's not too far away, and time spent with his beloved cousin Cade who came up from Arizona. They've had a ball together, even with the age difference. They just click. This time was probably the highlight of Isaac's summer. Late night and all day Monopoly and Risk tournaments, fishing excursions, and slamming a racquetball just for fun.

:: But back to my finals week. I guess my hard work paid off because I was able to pull As in each of my classes (Acupressure, Trigger Point therapy, and Pathology) this term. So happy and relieved with the added bonus of maintaining my 4.0. And after the last final on Thursday night, my classmates and I  formed a long line down the hallway with arms outstretched forming a tunnel. A tunnel of love and congratulations and cheers for the group who would graduate the next day. (There are a total of three night and three day student classes at the college; each class starting and finishing at different times throughout the year.) Can hardly believe that our class is now "senior" on the massage therapy student totem pole, and that our own graduation is just 9 weeks or so away. A few of us went out for shakes and fries late, late that night and that was fun.

:: I determined that Friday would be Isaac and Mom's day. It was all about anything that my little man wanted to do. Just me and him. After my suggestions of a hike or a once- a- year trip to the water park, he decided that lunch out, a matinee, and a trip to the library was the thing he wanted most of all. 

:: And yesterday after my morning at the clinic, Isaac and I, my visiting sister and her son Cade, my brother, sister and brother-in-law went to Park City where we rode up a mountain tram, slid down the mountain on a bobsled, and played a round of miniature golf. On the way home, I couldn't help myself to ask Liz to stop the car so I could take a few photos. This valley was the home of the best years of my childhood. 

:: We stopped also a few more times for me to experience the excitement in finding my first ever Geocach. (That's their thing.)

:: Ate dinner (wood fired, thin crust pizzas) alfresco in the cool mountain air while listening to the sounds of a sweet soul strumming his guitar, blowing away on his harmonica, and singing his heart out.

:: These two days felt like a mini-vacation for me. A breath of fresh air. And today, the easy feeling is kind of continuing, as Isaac feels a sore throat coming on and is exhausted with all these late nights catching up to him. I stayed home with him from church this morning and it's noon and I'm still in my robe, lounging in bed reading a novel. 

It's good.