Friday, September 13, 2013

putting it out there, putting it in here

I want...

to feel joy.
to feel peace.
to feel calm.
to feel contentment.
to feel cared for, nurtured, understood, 
appreciated, and valued.
to feel safe and protected.
to feel loved, adored, admired, cherished, and nurtured.
to feel wanted, accepted, and needed.
to feel connection to and understanding of God. 
to find truth, meaning, and purpose 
and how it all relates to my life's mission.
to receive answers to my spiritual questions and hungers.
to know that I'm good enough.
to feel and have hope.
to have nurturing and loving family relationships with my husband, each of my children, and my extended family.
to have each of my children know and feel that they are unconditionally loved by me.
to have each of my children develop, grow, understand, and fulfill the measure of their creation.
to be a friend, a guide, a strength, and a teacher
to my children. 
to feel peace and harmony in my home.
to feel contentment about my home and my yard.
to have a home that is warm, welcoming, and inviting to all who walk through the door.
to be a comfort to my parents.
to be a true friend. 
to find mutually satisfying connection and relationship with like-minded, kindred souls.
to gain and develop wisdom, compassion, and understanding, even if this comes through suffering.
to radiate light, calm, energy, and spirit 
through my countenance.
to have a lean, healthy, strong body.
to have a sharp, active, and keen mind.
to feel beautiful and attractive to others and to myself.
to have others feel love, comfort, acceptance, kindness, and understanding while in my presence and through my actions.
to willingly share my time, talents, and gifts with others. 
to help and make a positive contribution for a better world.
to be an instrument in other's healing journeys.
to pass the MBLEx.
to graduate from UCMT.
to always be a life-long learner.
to be content with what is. 
to live in gratitude with what is given.
to be financially secure. to have enough for not only our needs, but to live comfortably and with enough 
to share and give generously.
to see, create, and share beauty through my photography. to find joy in this.
to create understanding and expression through my writing. to find joy in this.
to feel desire, motivation, and inspiration to share my life's story through my blog.
to travel and explore this wonderful , diverse world.
to create fun times, experiences, and memories.
to live in vitality, vigor, and vim in my older years.

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