Saturday, September 21, 2013

saturday evening post

i'm all alone in this house.
everyone else headed off to the big game.
(in state rivalry. it's like a big deal.)
they asked if i wanted to come,
but after these eyes popping open
at quarter to five this morning, 
and then doing five one-hour massages in a row today, 
and then a trip to costco, etc.
it kind of does a person in, big time.
my feet are aching, too,
(specifically this pesky bone spur on my left heel)
and curling up in my bed with a movie on sounds a lot
more enticing, if you know what i mean.

besides costco, i stopped by the thrift store this evening
and scored some really good finds.
(i'm not picky.)
my wardrobe needs a little rounding out and updating,
especially with this fall weather that's upon us.
thinking about wanting to wear
bolder, richer, more dynamic colors
that somehow seem to make me pop.

and talk about pop.
these last few days, i've not only been wearing these types of colors, but even donned some lipstick 
that's a little darker shade than is my typical.
so when i picked up sam and eliza after school yesterday,
they both paused upon entering, took a second look at me sitting 
there in the car, and said, 
wow, mom,
you look really nice.

i guess when you feel beautiful,
it shows.

i got a smartphone today.
i think it will mean i'll be more likely to remember to take 
a cell phone with me. and actually use it.
(my family will be so glad.)
if you can believe it, today was the first time i ever texted.

me can txt. :)
to sam.

haha. oh gosh.
was his reply.

and incoming from eliza: 
so do you feel pretty cool now? :)

i ate brownies and pineapple for dinner.
and danced around in the kitchen
with my music turned up loud.
i do that sometimes
(actually a lot of times)
and it may surprise you that i can really get my groove on 
when the moment (and the music's) right. 

wish it was light enough after everyone left 
to head up to the canyon and do some leaf peeping
with my camera in hand.
(that's always a joy.)
i'm longing to, but with studying my guts out these days,
there doesn't seem to be a chance.

i did take a little drive up by the silos 
a little while ago.
a few nice shots to end the day.

welcome autumn.
i think it's official now.


  1. To be free to try stick to tongue out in the wind...aahhh, and taste life. Yes, Emily! :)

  2. I like you! And I mean that in the nicest (non-creepy) way! Have a nice week. I'm going to Disneyland with my grownup daughter, just the two of us!! :)