Thursday, October 31, 2013

a little bit of journaling: October 31, 2013

noticing: So many leaves have fallen with the recent rain and wind we've had this week. Time to get out and get to it with the raking. Our yard is so big and I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed with it all. Sometimes the trees don't seem to drop their leaves right up until the time the snow starts to fall.

Yesterday, I looked out the back door window onto the deck and saw a flash of blue. Just a fleeting glimpse as a blue jay flew off to the sky.  It is a rarity to see these birds in the yard. Enough for an out loud gasp of delight.

eating: I made a really nice corn and sweet potato chowder last night. For breakfast, I finished off the Masoor Dal (Indian spiced lentils with coconut milk and kale) and rice I made the other night. Not your typical breakfast, but sounded good to me this morning.

wearing: going to change in a bit into my Peter Pan costume I'll wear to Isaac's school Halloween parade this afternoon. 

celebrating: I'm feeling so happy these days. I've worked so hard this month with taking my huge licensing exam, finishing up school, getting my licensing paperwork all done (I'm official now!) my business cards/gift cards ordered, and the 150 "Introduction to the Massage Therapy Practice of Emily Crofts" cards I'm sending out to family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. 

Last night I gave a massage to a neighbor friend; it being my first official time being paid. Leaving me feeling awkward, wonderful, and grateful all at the same time.

My business website is up, too. (I'll link to it at the side bar of this blog soon.) It was a big, big job and I'm so glad it's finally done. Go here and check it out, friends!

smiling: The other day Isaac and I walked all over the neighborhood delivering those cards. He was such a willing helper and I was so grateful for his help walking and walking, going door to door. Happy, too, that he held my hand as we walked. Happy to take him for ice cream afterwards. (Happy that I've found a place with soy or rice milk ice cream and sweetened with agave.) 

Smiling and happy as we went in to order our treats (we were the only customers at the time.) and could hear classical music being played on the overhead speakers. Surprised, I asked the teen-age boy who was the only one working if he chose the music. He answered yes with a shy smile, and said that he loves it. That he plays the piano and violin. I shared with him how that reminded me of my oldest son and his own teenage music tastes. So differing from all his peers. This boy and I went on conversing about our shared love of Baroque and Bach. Wonderful.

outing: Took Sam yesterday after school to get a haircut. He wanted a flat top as basketball season is here. I took him to a real barbershop in the older part of town. It was Gary's favorite place to go before he went on his mission to Finland. If you can picture Floyd's Mayberry barbershop, this would come close. The older gentleman was so sweet, totally remembered all about Gary, and gave Sam a total legit vintage flat top. I told Sam that these old time barbers are a dying breed. (This man, if you can believe it, raised nine kids being a barber.) We agreed he should go back.

reading: finishing up The Samurai's Garden. So loving all this free time I'm having now for my reading.

viewing: Eliza and I stayed up Sunday night watching Osama , a Middle Eastern foreign film. I've watched it (at Gary's recommendation) a few other times, and I wanted to share it with Eliza. Very beautiful and very moving film. (Be prepared with tissues at the end.)

feeling: a release from so many pressures hanging over me. Feeling grateful. Feeling at ease like I haven't experienced in such a long time.

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  1. YAY! So many beautiful things to enjoy and be grateful for! And you do such an amazing job of making it all happen! Hats off to you, my dear, precious friend! <3