Thursday, October 24, 2013


Every morning-- at least the mornings I do go running-- I go past this little lane. Lately, it's taken my breath away with the changing leaves and the light shining through the trees just so. I've kept telling myself I need to go back with my camera one morning and try to capture it. I'm so glad I did today. 

I love this time of year so much. I'm not sure if I can explain it, but sometimes I just want to weep or sigh out loud for the beauty of it all. Like a longing or fleetingness to it that touches my soul in such a sweet and moving way. 

Take for instance last Saturday afternoon when I was driving Sam and Isaac over to my parents, and the leaves were fluttering down so slowly and there was a warm, mellow golden-ness to the way the sunlight shown down. The musty, damp smell in the air-- which I just love-- that only comes in the autumn time. Noticing a yard especially covered with leaves and recalling my own childhood memories of raking the piles and piles we'd later jump into. (That was the goal of the chore!) 

I took myself out to lunch on Monday up in the big city after I went and applied for my massage therapy license. Took my time meandering around a never before visited bookstore, too. Out again to lunch this afternoon with my dear friend. A cherished friend that is my mother's age. Her wanting to celebrate my graduation with me. After leaving the restaurant, we went on a drive as she wanted to share with me some of her favorite autumn roadside delights. I'm so grateful to have the gift of true friendship in my life.

I'm so grateful to provide three massages this week. The joy and fulfillment I receive in being able to really make a direct impact in a person's life in such an immediate and tangible way. Even if it's for the hour that we spend in the session together. Forming relationships with these clients is something I delight in.

And then opening up the mailbox just now and letting out an out loud shout of delight and pure joy when I saw Jane's familiar hand on that airmail envelope sent over two weeks ago from across the sea. The wide smile that even I was conscious of as I began to excitedly tear into it. The smiles and even tears that came to my eyes, seeing her beautiful face in the snapshot she included. Having news sent just to me (yes! just to me!) about all the interesting things she's eating. Hearing about her 6:00 am morning runs out to the neighboring rice paddies, and her description of the upcoming harvest, and how "it's funny, the paddies smell like the smell of a rice cooker's steam-- like rice! The best smell ever..." 

And as I now reflect on so much of what I take and find delight in, isn't it amazing that so many of those feelings of pure joy also bring the warm tears to my eyes. 

I guess for me, they go hand in hand.

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