Friday, October 18, 2013

graduation day: a culmination, a celebration

the smile on my face says it all, I guess.

at last.
this day
a culmination.

of past hopes and dreams and aspirations.
of years in soul-searching. 
of finally finding my niche 
of what more it is that
these hands and this heart can give.

and so began this year in my life:

of late nights in long lecture and silent observation.
of colored pencils and muscle labeling.
of re-entering the realm
of test taking and grade point averages.
of endless sheets and towels
and bolsters and lotion holsters.
of CPR dummies and pathologies.
of what camaraderie and true friendship means.
of laughter and tears.
of hopes and fears.
of late night drives home in thoughtful introspection.
of quiet afternoons and hours and hours of solitude. 
and deep study and memorization tricks.

of rising-before-dawn mornings.
of patient, yet eager clients
waiting all lined up there in a row.

of sore, knotted muscles for them 
and sore knotted muscles for me.
and the wonder in discovering an understanding
of compassion and trust
in ways I'd never expected nor experienced before.

and now today--
as I cross this threshold,
leaving the past behind me
with fond memories  
and feelings of deepest gratitude,

I take these first steps
through this wide open door 
to a place where opportunity and service 
and even more soul-stretching

the slow, yet wonderful distillation upon my soul--
this wonderful awe-struck realization
that I really can do whatever it is that I put my mind to.

and future.

and so I celebrate.

we all celebrate...

these parents who always knew 
I could do anything I put my mind to.
who always believed in me
in childhood, in youth, and now even in adulthood.

these instructors and mentors 
who instilled a passion and lighted a fire 
in my heart for this work.
whose genuine care for their students 
will never be forgotten.

these classmates who joined me on this journey.
for the special and unique bond we shared.
knowing we were there for each other.
and will be there for each other.


these loved ones 
near and far.
who were so proud,
and listened,
and supported,
and sacrificed,
and cheered,
and encouraged,
and believed,
and loved,

all along the way.


  1. Hip Hip Hooray! I knew you could, I knew you would. You're fantastic, I adore you and look up to you. Always.

  2. Way to Go - Emily!!
    You look so happy :)

  3. Fabulously done, Emily! :D You are awesome! I love you so!

  4. Congratulations Emily! I can feel your joy in looking at your pictures. You will be an amazing therapist!

  5. Congratulations Emily! Job well done.

  6. Congratulations Emily! A big hug to you, I'm proud of you and I really admire what you've accomplished.