Saturday, November 9, 2013

around here

Hello my friend. How are you?

I know I've been a little scarce around these parts. Even though my week was pretty ordinary, it was full and good. 

Some of us have been battling colds. Two days with sick kids home from school. For the last few days, my body has been feeling like it's been on the verge, but not full blown. I'm trying my best to keep things at bay.

It's been so nice to feel a sense of freedom to my days lately. Relishing to have time and margin while the kids are gone during the day. Grateful for the space to actually decide what I want to do with my time. Maybe a run, a yoga class, a shopping outing, a mid-day movie, time in the kitchen to bake. 

Actually, a lot of my time this week has been spent working on a "creative project". A secret surprise. I can't tell you how excited and absolutely joyful I feel in seeing this all come to fruition. 

It just makes me want to cry.

Isaac and I went to the library this morning after my run. Looking forward to delving into my stack later on.

Everyone's gone but me. The boys headed to my parents to watch a football game. (They have ESPN and we don't.) Eliza's at her school painting her mural. 20+ foot school mascot spanning a wall in the lunchroom. She, alone, has been staying after school every day since the school year began. This project, which is going on nine months now, is taking more time than she ever imagined. She's so dedicated in seeing it through to the end. I tell her that she's another Michelangelo. 

If you can believe it, I looked forward to time alone this afternoon to tackle some cleaning and organizing projects. This week I mixed up some homemade cleaning products. Amazing what you can do with simple household pantry staples like baking soda, vinegar, etc. Adding some essential oils to the concoctions makes my home smell so good, too. If you are interested in the recipes, go to my Pinterest boards here . I even pinned my own blog post "Homemade Cleaners" so I can find it easier that way! ) Even made my own shampoo this week, too. 

According to Sam, that's taking things a bit too far. 


  1. Your business cards are lovely -- and the colors are reminiscent of your scarf! :-). I think that time for oneself is the ultimate luxury -- enjoy.

  2. yes, I noticed how your cards and scarf matched too!
    they are both lovely!