Friday, November 29, 2013

cabin thanksgiving

Here's a few glimpses of yesterday.
We gathered this year with my family.
So lucky we could celebrate the day at my sister and brother-in-law's cabin in the mountains.
A treat to spend the night, too.

It was an adventure getting there. 
My brothers got stuck in the mud. 
Car and foot. 
(Poor Andrew and his brand new shoes.)
Our dog Lucy getting sick with all the winding roads. 
(Not fun.)
Seeing a bald eagle hovering right above us while we stood out gazing at the magnificent view before dinner. 
A rare, never before sighting.
Also spotted was a beautiful, scampering fox off the side of the road, a herd of deer, and some wild turkeys in a clearing.
Reuben's fried Hush Puppy appetizers were a hit.
(Our Cajun heritage coming through.)
Papa said if we ate enough, we'd soon be speaking French.
Little Ellis stealing the show.
Those cheeks, so irresistible.
My pies were a success, if I do say so myself.
Roasting chestnuts in the fireplace.
Dogs in every direction.
Book seclusion.
Longings for my two missionaries.
(It's just not the same.)
Hootin' and hollerin' over Brazilian Candid Camera
videos on YouTube.
Head, leg, knee, foot, and hand massages 
for Mama and Papa.
"I can't believe how good that feels. Emily and those healing hands of hers," comments Dad.
Late night board game playing around the table.
Pie for breakfast.

So fun.
So good.

Another Thanksgiving at the cabin two years ago here.

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