Sunday, November 17, 2013

gratitude sunday

:: long, luxuriating soaks in the tub.
:: joy and smiles receiving sweet, delicious emails and familiar airmail letters in the mailbox. him pouring his heart out to his mother ("Well.. my mom.. she's really my best friend..."), filling up six pages with his perfectly beautiful handwriting, his growth and his goodness.
:: warm and sunny November days.
:: rainy November days.
:: feeling positive, feeling good. An excitement, even, when I first wake up in the morning.
:: enlightening library books.
:: baking cookies. that's always cozy.
:: dishes done, an empty sink
:: feeling a growing sense of strength, flexibility, ease, and rest that's coming through my yoga practice.
:: nice, warming mugs of tea.
:: snuggling with Isaac in bed on a lazy Saturday morning.
:: the pleasure of the warm water flowing onto my hands
:: YouTube videos. what a great way to learn new ideas.
:: the joy it is to receive compliments.
:: pumpkin curry for dinner. and for breakfast. and for lunch. and dinner again.
:: autumn light.
:: capuring the perfect glimpses of November. such a gift this is.
:: staying calm through various situations this week. not allowing anger and frustration to escalate when it would have been so easy to.
:: happily cleaning the house and how wonderful it all felt afterwards.
:: shaking with excitement, tears of absolute joy with the way this project turned out. looking upward, a "thank you! thank you! thank you!".
:: while standing alone to check out my library books, all the sudden feeling two small arms suddening wrapping around my waist, hugging me so tight. looking down to see her little smiling face looking up into  mine.

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