Wednesday, November 20, 2013

notes from a wednesday

This morning, I had the opportunity to do a little photo shoot for my friend Norris. (The Potter-Man, I call him.) He's been cranking out some very beautiful pieces in preparation for a show he's participating in this weekend. 

He's such a talented artist. Every time I pull one these bowls down -- whether it's for my morning oatmeal or lunchtime soup, or those nights I need just the right serving bowl for the dinner table vegetables -- it always becomes an even more meaningful and pleasurable experience.

On the way home, I stopped the car a few times to capture a few last glimpses of autumn. I have a feeling it's fading fast.

I got my hair cut. I picked up kids from school. And now a coconut bundt cake is baking in the oven. It'll be my offering for the church women's group potluck I'll be heading to tonight.

Coconut is my all time favorite. Especially if nuts and chocolate are involved. 

The house smells heavenly.

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