Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a year seen through eyes of gratitude


This year,
these months,
these days,

the moments in my life,
in our lives

so precious
so fleeting

a year of thanksgiving
of abundance
of goodness
of joy

my heart is full

Saturday, December 28, 2013

an exhale... and her grand mural unveiling

I love these days between Christmas and New Year's.

Here's what it's looked like around here the last few days:

:: mornings for sleeping in.
:: kids staying in their pajamas all day.
:: dishes piling up like there's no tomorrow.
:: me trying to maintain tidy and order.
:: a run in the sun. (so great to finally be out again.)
:: games and puzzles and noses in new books.
:: bed and breakfast overnighter in the big city.
:: dinner and a movie (Lebanese + The Secret Life of Walter Mitty = GOOD)
:: afternoon outing to Trader Joe's and an Indian market.
:: and talk about a big sigh of relief. Eliza's mural (we estimate she's put close to 300 hours staying after school and working on it on Saturdays) at last coming to completion. We are so proud of not only her artistic talents, but most especially for her complete dedication and vision in seeing this masterpiece through to the very end. 

Way to go Puppy-Love!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

this christmas

wishing you, my friends, wherever you may be in this world,
days of joy, smiles, love, and peace.

warmly, and with a grateful heart,


Friday, December 20, 2013

finding joy :: in my kitchen

busy, busy are these days leading up.
busy and full and good. 
making, creating, crafting. 
baking, shopping, wrapping.
addressing, mailing, delivering.

all of us standing around the kitchen counter last night
eating a simple supper 
of popcorn, smoothies, and pre-made eggrolls.
time to hunker down later 
to watch a christmas favorite.

i'm on the down hill 
and the magic is here.