Friday, December 6, 2013


It was my big day yesterday. 

As I awoke that morning, I felt such a feeling of joy-- like a warm, little light-- blooming and bursting and expanding in my chest. I just knew it was going to be a wonderful, happy day and it was. (Birthdays only come once a year, you know.)

Here's a list of the happys. (so I don't forget):

:: breakfast (warm "blueberry muffin" oatmeal and a sweet and juicy Cutie) brought up on a tray with Keith and Eliza singing the happy birthday song to me. Keith's thoughtful gifts of a new scarf and mittens to match my new coat (how did he know I needed this?) and special treats he picked out and knew I'd love. And this gift totally from the heart: His staying up all night, never coming to bed, collecting Mister Roger quote-y gems on the internet, printing them out on cardstock, cutting them out into little cards to put in a little frame to for me to rotate and inspire me. He knows of my love (and the total crush I have) for this inspirational, sweet man. Oh, and he also gifted me with a three month online photography course. Whoo-hoo!

:: loving (and turning up really loud) Eliza's hipster playlist on Grooveshark while I made lunches.

::  the treat and indulgence I gifted myself to linger in my pajamas all morning, sipping tea in front of the fire, surfing Pinterest and fave blogs, curling up in my chair reading my library books, and traipsing and tromping around the yard (in said pajamas) capturing the beauty of icy crystals on berries and leaves. (My idea of fun). A good, hot soak in the tub later was relished too.

:: stayed warm enough (see above) despite the 3+ hour power outage in bitter 0 (yes, that's a zero) degree weather.

:: was invited to join three of my neighborhood friends for a totally beautiful, gourmet (and all of it totally vegan for my sake) lunch at Sheri's house. Came away bursting with good things: wonderful heart-sharing, warm sweet potato-chipotle soup (to die for. I had two bowls.), Melanie's perfectly baked artisan loaf, the mixed greens with the pecans and grapes, chocolate cupcakes with piped butter cream and a cute little red raspberry on top. Leaving with full tummies, tight hugs, warm hearts, jars of homemade pear jam and a relaxing tea blend. (Thanks so much, guys!)

:: coming home to find a card in the mailbox and a package on the front porch from these dear sister-in-laws of mine. How sweet of them to remember me.

:: delightful and touching birthday wishes left on my answering machine, Facebook, and a sweet email greeting from a blog reader who is now a new friend. (Thank you, dear Renee in Canada!)

:: coming home after carpool and spying that delivery box left on the front porch. A fresh flower bouquet from my (not so) secret admirer. Tears in my eyes and hand over my heart...

:: answering the doorbell and seeing Sheri's eleven year old son standing out there in the cold (he walked all this way.)with a package of cookies in his hands. "Oh, your mom already gave me a present!" Him shy and blushing saying, "This is from me. Happy Birthday!" Oh, my goodness...tears again.

:: going out for Thai with my family and my parents. The tears in Dad's eyes and the comfort of leaning my head on Mom's shoulders. For their constant abiding love and support. For bringing me into this world.

:: coming home and seeing yet another little surprise on the front porch. My own German chocolate cake cupcake (you can't have too many cupcakes when it's your birthday) from my dear, sweet friend. (Thank you, Mane!)

:: snuggling with Isaac in my bed watching the Captain and Maria's romantic dance scene. (the best part, if you ask me.) Him giving his mom the best head massage ever. (Boy, does this child have strong, knowing hands.)

:: another sweet phone call and chat to complete a beautiful, happy day. (Thank you, Carolyn!)

So loved.
So blessed.
So happy.


  1. Awww, I made the list! That made me smile. Sounds like you had a delightful birthday. Love the last photo in this post, the dark leaves with the white snow flakes, very nice. You might just end up leading your photography class! How incredibly sweet the Mr. Rogers sayings, and on card stock too! Your little boy neighbour with the cookies......awwww. Fantastic.

  2. What a PERFECT day for such a wonderful person!! Your kids are amazing missionaries and I am loving all your photography…you really have the gift!! Happy Happy Birthday!!

  3. You are loved! I sure do love you, my sweet, kind friend. Thank you for letting us share your special day with you! And I'm sorry that I forgot to give you Aidan's gift when you were here earlier - I totally spaced it, then it was the first thing he asked about when he got home from school - mama fail! ;-)

  4. this is the 11 year old i found out it was your B-day when my mom said she was doing the lunch in hope you enjoyed the treats. always willing to share with friends. :)