Tuesday, December 10, 2013

corners of my home: setting up a warm drink station

My friend Mane shared with me a wonderful, fun idea that she's implemented for the holidays. One that could extend into this whole season of winter.

It's kind of one of those things that you say, "Why haven't I thought of this before?" So simple, so cozy, so... special.

Gathering all the makings for an accessible, welcoming, warm drink. Plus, some nibblet offerings to round it out.

So after she inspired me (she's such a gifted homemaker), I quickly and excitedly set up our little corner yesterday afternoon. 

I pulled down a round basket-type tray that isn't currently used and lined it with a lovely, embroidered cloth napkin. I cleaned and gathered some glass jars. 

I then filled the jars and the tray with the things my family loves:

:: hot chocolate mix (of course)
:: Pero (Keith's and Eliza's drink of choice.)
:: a yummy assortment of tea (jars each of loose and bags)
:: little marshmallows (for a festive flair)
:: sugar (to sweeten the Pero)
:: a little bottle of liquid Stevia (another sweetener)
:: mugs (one for each of us)
:: red paper cups (for guests or clients to take with them)
:: a canister to hold spoons, a tea ball basket, candy canes
:: colorful holiday napkins
:: salted cashews
:: tangerines

:: an electric tea pot (yes, I headed to Costco and splurged on this handy-- and pretty inexpensive-- tool. Having hot water at the ready makes it all so much more convenient when the urge strikes.)

You should have seen all the smiles on my family's faces when they came home after a long day and saw the surprise I had created for them.

"This is just so nice," Mom/Em.

And what a treat it was, even more than enjoying my own mug of tea, to sit back and watch the children and Keith hurry to gather at the counter after dinner and help themselves to a nice, cozy drink. 

I'm learning more and more that it's the these thoughtful, little touches that make a comfortable, happy home.


  1. Love! My electric kettle is my favorite appliance and I will never be without one. I have a sort-of place like this year round; I keep all of my warm drink supplies in the cupboard directly over my kettle.

  2. What is your favorite kind of tea? I've tried to develop a taste for tea but never could..it just seemed so "weak". Guess I just prefer hot chocolate.
    Please tell me about drinking tea and being a Mormon. Isn't tea not allowed? Just want your take on it, thanks.

  3. Hello Jan, The tea we drink is herbal tea. No caffeine. I used to be like you-- tea just seemed to taste "weak". But my tastes adjusted and I learned to love peppermint tea. Steeping it just long enough to bring out the flavor, but not too long that it would become bitter. Then sweetening it helps to bring out more flavor, as well as adding a little bit of milk for a creamy factor. Now, I've learned to love other herbal tea blends. This morning, a Celestial Seasonings blend (I can't remember the name of this one) that is very warming-- kind of a Chai flavor. I do like a good cup of cocoa (preferably non dairy). Hope that helps answer your questions. Keep trying, maybe you'll find something you really like! xo

  4. They are right, that is just so nice! What a lovely idea. That round basket, I love it. Are you a lover of baskets? I am.