Monday, December 9, 2013


friday is where it starts
cheered isaac on in the school geography bee
he says he likes spelling bees better
picked up a new stash of books
i'm getting into one that suits
picked up del taco on the way to sam's game
it was one of those nights
if you know what i mean
cheered the guys on even though they were creamed
licked the grease off my french fry fingers
for the lack of a napkin
i indulged and it was good
lounged around on a lazy saturday morning
creamy hot chocolate for us
the house all christmas and twinkly
hibernation mode with this whopper of a snowfall
braved it all to extend the birthday hoopla
italian feast and a stroll through the art galleries
baked up two pans of rolls 
whipped up some raspberry butter to go with
delivering it all to my friend who'd be having a houseful
church as usual
angel boy's for his massage
gazed at her lovliness while she paints
tears shed, soul bared
eyes popping open at midnight, then two, then five
anticipating and laughing out loud
joying in their love notes.


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  2. Love the images & environments you paint with your words, and your beautiful photographs! Very cozy & comfortable, and reminds me of the things I want to pursue in my own life. <3