Friday, January 17, 2014

around here

Hi friends. It's been a week. Here I am. Here's the scoop:

:: A lingering, on and off headache for over two weeks now. I rarely get a headache, so it's weird. A couple days, there was some pretty excrutiating pain; enough to put me to bed. My body has been doing weird stuff all month. Gripping, agonizing, horrendous pain in my abdomen early on Saturday morning. Enough to be passing out and throwing up at the same time. From previous experience, I think it may have been a ruptured ovarian cyst. All this bodily chaos makes me think that my hormones are all out of whack. Makes me think that I'm beginning the journey of menopause. I'm trying to learn all I can; reading and taking some natural, holistic steps to make these years of transition easier. I've come to accept and embrace the idea of my own aging. I'll always be me at any stage of my life.

:: I gave three massages this week. A foot massage while visiting an elderly neighbor down the street. She became almost blinded in November and is now facing her own transition to life without sight. I was grateful for the chance to spend an afternoon with her.

:: Poor Eliza's beloved rabbit, Eddie, died in her arms on Wednesday night right after we got home from the vet. One day he was fine, and the next he was gone. She absolutely adored and loved him with all her heart. She sobbed and sobbed. My heart broke for her. 

:: It's been a bread making, soup making type of week. It does seem to be thawing a little, though. Grateful for some days of sunshine.

:: I've now had to throw out two more rugs this week. (these last two beautiful wool braided rugs I've had for years. Just getting to a point where they couldn't be saved. I'm so sad.) Lucy-dog, in her old age, peeing big puddles almost every morning either on the doorway carpet of our bedroom, or making her way to the bottom of the stairs front door or back door rug. I'm about ready to pull out my hair. (Enough to even let out a few expletives that were blaring in my brain.)

:: Sam got his wisdom teeth out yesterday. (all four) After last February's ordeal with Jane getting her's out, this was a piece of cake. I can't believe how well it went with him. No swelling, no pain. At all. It's like a miracle. He begged to play in his game tonight.

:: I'm so happy to be participating in Heather of Beauty That Moves month long Hibernate on-line retreat/workshop. What a bright spot this has been and will be for me in what  so often is the most difficult time of year. Inspired today to make my bedroom more of a sanctuary. This afternoon, I took a few minutes to sew up a lavender stuffed pillow (small and very thin) to slip into my pillowcase. 


  1. Hello
    I hope your headaches are better, did the lavender help. I used to have chronic migraines, No one was ever able to tell me why they happened and then why they stopped. I am thankful, and I hope that your's won't linger too long.
    Happy New Years

  2. Oh my goodness, we need to chat! That last photo is just amazing.

  3. I hope that you are feeling better. Your kitchen looks like a very nice place to be.

  4. Emily, no post for a LONG time! Are you OK? I'm worried about you, I hope all is well...HEY, maybe you are on a cruise or something!?!