Monday, February 17, 2014

so this is love

it's love
real love

instead of the flowers she hoped to receive in her arms
it's his throw up bowl she now hold in her hands.

it's love 
real love

instead of that much anticipated and much needed
valentine dinner-date 
and night out on the town
she now sits by his side on these hard blue bleachers
cheering on this son of theirs
yet again
hoping beyond hope following
loss after loss
praying it will all end tonight on a happy note
for his sweet, hard earned 

it's love 
real love

instead of a night of romance and sweet nothings
the two of them now find themselves
waiting and worrying
in an out-of-town emergency room
consoling and comforting and calming
him through
confusion and concussion and cat scan
the silent drive home in the late night dark
relief and gratitude and hope
that this son
created from their love
will pull through it all
even though his 
cheekbone is broken
and his heart is


  1. Oh man, it's sounds like a rough Valentines Day my friend! I hope Your days look brighter soon! I hope some hearts heal too!

  2. Oh dear, I hope all is ok. Sounds scary, ouch a broken cheekbone.