Monday, February 24, 2014


What an absolute opposite this weekend was from last. So grateful for these three joy and rest-filled days.

Just a bit of follow up before I share some highlights of the weekend.

Sam's concussion and cheek bone fracture are slowly on the mend. The week was a rough one for him-- he missed a couple of days of school with the constant ache and pain in his head, the extra sensitivity to the noise and light and intellectual demands of high school, the need for rest, quiet, and deep sleep (the best remedy for an injured nervous system).

Grateful this weekend we didn't have a repeat of the creepy incident of last Saturday night. I just have to mention it, as it's kind of funny in a strange, disturbing way.

So, late that night at about eleven o'clock, Keith's laying on the couch (still in the trenches of his stomach flu), Eliza's working on the computer, and I had gone off to bed as the boys had. The sound of the doorbell rings, and Keith gets up to answer it; wondering who it would be at such a late hour. Perhaps it was a late-night, day after Valentine's Day door step surprise.

Surprise is an understatement as you'll soon see.

No one there, but laying on the porch was a large sheet of white paper with a big, black markered "X" in the center. Now the edges on fire. Now going up in flames.

What in the world is this supposed to mean? What if it had blown and caught the bushes (right next to the house) on fire? Well, we guess it was probably some kids doing a stupid and silly prank. Still, big-time creepy.

Okay, on a brighter note, I give you my weekend:

:: spent most of Friday getting ready to host our good friends to dinner. Entertaining  like this-- something that doesn't happen very often; maybe a handful of times throughout the year-- brings me a sense of joy and fulfillment in the creation of all of it. Something to look forward to. A bright spot. A time to use my culinary and decorating talents. The planning and work (it feels more like play) invigorating. The table beautifully set with little tea lights, Portuguese china, and fresh, fragrant lilies. The menu: baked salmon dolloped with a sour cream cucumber-herb sauce, maple glazed roasted vegetables, garlicky lemon angel hair pasta with white beans, freshly home baked crusty bread, mixed salad greens with berries, candied almonds, and topped with a strawberry poppy seed dressing. And for dessert, a decadent (and vegan) brownie bottomed-peanut butter cheesecake. I must say it all was glorious. The best part of all was the wonderful time to connect through heart-sharing conversation and the laughter and fun sitting around the table playing games.

:: Saturday morning I went to the school clinic and treated myself to a (much needed) two hour massage. I still have all these free massage gift certificates I need to use up. (Sometimes I wish I could give myself a massage.)

:: long, delicious stretches of time to read this week's novel Pope Joan (thanks, Renee!) and a trip to the library with Isaac. A stop at Krispy Kreme for Isaac to redeem a free donut he got from a school chum for Valentine's. An overdue haircut for him before going home.

:: an elegant, lovely, and special Saturday evening (postponed) Valentine date all planned by Keith. Candle light dinner overlooking the city as the sun set in a blaze. Then, he treated me to a night at the Utah Symphony performing with Celtic and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia fiddler Natalie Macmaster. One of the best concerts we've ever experienced. This woman sure knows how to get her groove on. Pregnant and mother of five herself, tirelessly dancing a jig after jig while flawlessly playing that fiddle in all her talented glory.

:: long Sunday naps are the absolute best.

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  1. Natalie McMaster in Utah, with a symphony, oh how nice that would be! What a sweet date. Oh, and she's expecting again. Wow, she sure is a busy lady! The flaming X.....hmmm, strange. So glad you are enjoying the book, I'm sure your finished, you can read so fast. Oh, and a two hour delicious. I'd be in heaven.