Tuesday, March 11, 2014

beautiful moments on a tuesday

:: pink tulips (just because) in a jug.
:: this song. eliza and i both agree that it's worthy of evoking sobs, it's so beautiful. 
:: sensing snow in the dark morning air while taking lucy out early, then witnessing a moment later the first few flakes of snow slowly drifting down. 
:: golden honey drizzles on bread for their sandwiches.
:: a warm and relaxed soak in a lavender scented bath.
:: hillary's strong, calloused, and knowing hands working my feet.
:: email joy.
:: him having the day off from school. our day of fun just us doing all the things he wanted us to do together. bowling, skeeball, air hockey, ice cream, fries, bookstore and art museum browsing, holding hands, having so much fun and feeling so good. together. 
:: "he'll remember this day for the rest of his life," keith says.
:: realizing, it hitting me so hard, that these one- on- one times, these memory making times, these bonding times are probably what i do best in my motherhood.  the thing that brings me absolute joy and something i can feel good about.
:: putting the seat all the way back with my feet on the dashboard waiting for them to come out of school. not caring what one anyone thought of me.
:: laughing really loud with them. 
:: them not getting my dorky jokes.
:: cozying up on the couch, my face in the warm afternoon sun shining down on me through the window. curled up with a catalog and a magazine that were in the afternoon mail.
:: songs like "everything is awesome" getting stuck in your mind. (you lego people know what i'm talking about.)


  1. I'm a delighted fan of Sleeping At Last, have been for a while. Beautiful photos, as always.

  2. This made me smile...so when I called that's what you were about with Isaac! Good living, girl...I like it!

  3. Very nice, your energy vibrations are picking up!