Tuesday, March 25, 2014

cookie fairy

It was that sugar-sweet cinnamony smell
wafting upstairs alerting me that another
late night baking session was underway once again.

"I guess I've become the cookie fairy, Mom," she explains 
this morning with her quiet little laugh
as I face, with a tired sigh,
the sticky, crumb-covered kitchen counters 
piled high with crusty pots and pans.
But even more than the thoughts 
of extra work this now makes for me,
a poignant witness and a tender reminder 
entering and softening my grateful heart;
the blessing and the pure joy it is to have a daughter 
so thoughtful and so kind.

For what has become an almost weekly ritual for her now,
these birthday Snickerdoodle surprises,
this time for three of her school mates.
Their special days brightened and remembered today
as she seeks out and scans 
the crowded, chaotic high school hallway;
those friends faces finally found,
as her own face, with it's shy smile,
presents, with outstretched arms, 
those cheery yellow paper plates piled high
with sweet and soft and golden gifts of love.
Tokens of her own soul-sweetness.

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  1. Emily, I wish we could swap vegan recipes over a cup of tea instead of Pinterest!
    ~Karen D. in SC