Thursday, March 20, 2014

thoughts on this first day of spring

I've felt a quiet stillness within me these last few days. 
Despite of and in the midst of the daily schedules and deadlines of my family member's lives. 

This husband and these teens staying up late 
til the wee, wee hours of the morning.
That almost returned missionary son 
transitioning to life at home.

Pinewood derby cars to put together. 
End of term projects to complete. 
And university Skype advisement center interview and fall registration to confirm and arrange.

I've found myself in the role of supportive encourager 
quite a few times this week.
Their quiet place to land.
I'm so glad for that.

Because of the ongoing and progressively-getting-worse
pain in my foot,
I cancelled all my massage appointments this week.
Surgery scheduled for next Thursday.
It's time.

You know,
It's a delicious thing to have full days to do as you please.
Mornings lounging in bed with my books.
Or listening to YouTube Wayne Dyer videos while doing the dishes and sweeping the floors.

My dad calling me yesterday, inviting me to lunch.
Said he's been wanting to for a long time.
Him initiating time alone, just the two of us, to strengthen our relationship.
I can't tell you how much this means to me.
It means the world.

Dropping Eliza off to school late this morning.
Seeing and understanding her desperate need to sleep in a few extra hours this morning.
And having a chunk of time to kill before another lunch date invitation with the other man in my life.
I wander undiscovered country roads.

Searching for beauty.
Searching for inspiration.
Finding springtime.
Finding peace.

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