Monday, April 21, 2014

easter weekend

For those of you who celebrated Easter, I hope it was a lovely weekend for you.

Here's some glimpses of ours.

I spent most of Friday in the kitchen. The baking bug had bit like it does most holidays. I wanted to try some new things this year, as well as make the traditional treats that we look forward to. Plus, how could I resist Isaac's (not so subtle) hints and reminders. Like most years, I prepared a special after-school hot cross bun "tea" for the children to come home to. Also made some peanut butter chocolate dipped eggs, coconut macaroon cookies, and peanut butter rice crispy nests. I put together a few baskets filled with these to deliver to some friends. That always makes me happy.

I'm glad I got so much done on Friday, because part of Saturday and Sunday I was so sick. Like going- to- bed, sicker- than- a- dog sick. I had gone to my last follow-up appointment for my foot surgery earlier in the week and because of the ongoing pain that hasn't seemed to ease up, the doctor suggested me starting (After mulling it over in my mind, I went ahead and decided to start on Saturday.) an oral steroid for the next 6 days to hopefully put an end to the inflammation. Intense and then gradually decreasing dosages bringing on killer headaches and nausea, heart racing... it's been horrible. You try to treat one thing, and end up with terrible side effects from these types of drugs. Ugh. I'm not sure it's all worth it, but I'm trying to have hope. Looking for light at the end of this long tunnel.

Saturday was prom for Sam. He sure looked dapper in his tux. I wished I could have taken some pictures of him and his date. He took his best friend's little sister. Of course, they had a fun time. After he had gone, the rest of us drove up to Keith's sister's home for dinner, Easter egg dying, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on their big screen. 

The kids woke up to their Easter baskets on Sunday morning. Filled with the usual candy, books, and neckties for the boys and a pair of earrings for Eliza. Searching for the colored eggs that were hidden around the living room. Then off to church while I watched Netflix and later dragged myself into the kitchen to make a (raw) lemon pie. My sister and brother-in-law had my family over for dinner later that afternoon. 

All in all, and even despite my yucks, I would say it was a pretty memorable Easter weekend.

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  1. Emily, your beautiful family and foods lit up my day. I am so sorry you are still in pain. I know how much this is holding you back and will continue to pray for quick healing. Last week, I was in horrible sciatica pain from carrying the baby on my back and made myself an anti-inflammatory juice with ginger and turmeric root (not the powder). I noticed that the pain went away within 10 minutes of drinking the juice. You may have already tried this, but if not I wonder if that would help you. There's nothing like pain to get you to appreciate our most precious asset - our body! And, don't feel bad taking the medication. It may be what you need to kickstart your body into healing itself. xo Jen