Tuesday, April 15, 2014

evening light

I loved the light last night. Looking up at just the perfect moment from across the room. Seeing his look of concentration and stillness. That golden, luminous halo quality of it. Sneaking my camera to capture it. Realizing that this aspect of my photography might become a thing of the past as these children become more and more self conscious in their growing up. I respect that, but it saddens me. 

He went with me on a little drive after dinner. Just as the sun was going down and before picking up Sam from work. Again, it's always the light. The light and the contrast. That's where the magic and the artistry comes, I've found.

Speaking of Sam. It's been a busy time with him. Prom this weekend, plowing and enduring to the end of his senior year, and him getting his mission paperwork (and everything that goes with it) completed and ready to turn in. A big deal. Yes, like his sister and brother, he has decided to serve a mission for our church. He plans to leave in August. Looking forward to the exciting day when he'll find out where he'll be serving. One home next month (Gary returns on May 22nd.) and then we'll be saying goodbye to another child for two more years. These children are leaving my nest.

I'm so proud of Sam. He's always wanted to do this. With the age requirement recently lowered to 18 instead of 19 for young men, his plan is to defer his university freshman year until he gets back. I couldn't be happier for him having this chance to really understand himself, love and serve others, and deepen his understanding and relationship to God. We're so grateful (there just aren't words to express it) for the profound, life-changing experiences Gary has had in Finland, and Jane in Taiwan. 

In other news, the garden is tilled. Talk about a way to a wife's heart. I just have to get out there and clean up the garden beds. So much work to do in the yard. I'm trying not to let it overwhelm me. I'm excited for the garden this year, though. Especially after last year's failure. 

I've been doing more. Baking and cooking many good things in my kitchen. (I'll share more of this on Thursday.). Empty, unscheduled days. Walks in the mornings and grocery shopping and out and about errands. Paying the price later in the day. 

I guess I still need to learn some patience.

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