Thursday, April 24, 2014

this week in my kitchen

Hello, friends! Joining the fun with Heather of Beauty That Moves This Week in My Kitchen blog hop.

Here's a peek...

Lots of creating, sharing, and experimenting here in my kitchen this week with Easter and all. Along with some of our traditional foods, it's been fun to try some new things. A lot of those I had shared in this and this post.

The highlights:

:: Hot Cross Buns (as part of a special, meaningful "tea"for the kids to come home to on Good Friday. My favorite roll recipe-- no traditional currents added-- I tried it one year and my kids turned their noses up. Glazed after baking with melted apricot jam. Oh, and the "cross" was piped on after the rolls had risen and right before baking. A thin paste made out of flour, water and a little oil. )

:: Copycat Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

:: "Not So Dumb" Blond Macaroons (good, but even decreasing the salt to a teaspoon, these ended up a little too salty. I drizzled on some melted chocolate chips and sprinkled the tops with sliced almonds.)

:: peanut butter rice crispy nests

:: Summer Fresh Lemon Cheesecake (from Kristen Suzanne's Easy Raw Vegan Desserts.)

::Southwestern Rice Salad (I came up with this easy, crowd pleasing salad a few years ago.)

:: egg salad sandwiches (of course)

:: "Goldenrod" gravy over biscuits (My mom used to make this for us on Easter morning. I've continued the tradition over the years. It's kind of a once a year thing. Isaac begged for it, although we didn't have it until last night for dinner. Chopped up hard boiled eggs in a white sauce with a little mustard added for the "golden".)

:: Lifting Lemon-Garlic Rice & Lentil Soup  (nice, bright, and zingy. Perfect for springtime.)


  1. Lovely photos! That rice salad looks really tasty, I will save the recipe to try!

  2. The sun sparkle on the end of the spoon...fantastic!

  3. Your kitchen is a very busy place! Everything looks delicious. Have a great week.

  4. Your soup, your rice, the doggie, the flowers... oh! All lovely photos. Thank you for sharing your kitchen this week.

  5. Lovely! And love your apothecary shelf.

  6. Beautiful! Food looks the delicious and your pictures are gorgeous!

  7. You take such lovely photos Emily. I'm thinking about that lemon soup....hmmm lemon soup, I should try that. Not a flavor I would associate with soup but the photo looks amazing. I'm such a soup girl. Soup and salad, oh and cookies....

  8. Beautiful post, beautiful food...and I love how you've captured light in these images.