Wednesday, May 14, 2014


creating:: sewed up some pillows this morning for the front porch. 

drinking:: quart of green smoothie for breakfast. Needing to get back on the band wagon.

making:: bread dough rising on the kitchen counter. Excited to try out my new baking "cloche" with my round loaves. I'll share the results tomorrow.

thinking and feeling:: I know it seems like a broken record, but this foot has been giving me grief ever since I had my surgery at the end of March. Ongoing pain and stubborn inflammation that just won't let up. Not what I or my doctor expected. Trying everything we can to kick it-- oral steroids for a week, two cortisone shots (not fun), a week's worth of laser therapy treatment, no walks and no runs... and now the plan is to wear this boot to help immobilize it. Trying to feel hopeful (even amid the tears I've shed), but it's getting to be so discouraging and hopeless when I want and need to do so much. Now with this boot that I have to wear (both day and night), it's slowing me down even more.

On the positive side of things, you can't imagine how excited and happy I feel to see my son Gary next Thursday night when he returns home from Finland. These two years seemed like they've gone on for forever.

thanking:: So happy to have heard the sound of their voices and seen their sweet smiles on Sunday. The cherry on top of my Mother's Day. 

wearing:: yoga pants, gray long sleeve tee, my new fashion statement boot.

listening:: this song (and video) is cool. Thanks, Eliza, for your hipster finds you introduce me to.

reading:: on my nightstand: Of Love and Other Demons (Marquez), poems (Neruda), Your Sacred Self (Dyer), Mere Christianity (Lewis)

pinning:: this, this, and this

gardening:: Sad that some of my plants didn't make it through the cold snap we had. I'll be going out now to survey the damage. The greens all look healthy, though. More weeding this afternoon is in store, too. The sun is shining, and the forecast looks good for the rest of the week.

going:: Isaac's school choir concert tonight. With the school year winding up, (and Sam's high school graduation on the 30th) lots of end-of-year events to attend. Busy times.


  1. Ok, first, hooray for a cloche! I adore mine, so I know you'll love yours. Second, I just experienced a Cortisone shot in my foot two days ago, and I'm right there with you - it sucks! Are we foot sisters? Also, let me know if I can help you with your garden while you recuperate. Call me soon? :)

  2. Oh Emily, sorry to hear the ole foot is still giving you grief. Darn, I really thought you were well recovered by now. You are going to be someone's inspiration for perserverance.