Friday, May 30, 2014

graduation day

an education:

ABCs and 123s
Go Dog Go
and beloved Tonkas in the sandbox
Lego piles scattered in every direction 
Friday outings with Mom and the kids
storytime on a lap or the bed 
and on the couch you all clamor
those endless piles of books and poems to memorize
our library cart filled to the brim every week
maps and globes
puzzles and games on the floor 
"you-name-it-he-knows-it" trivia expert
spelling lists, fractions, verb conjugations, 
and Ancient Greece
geography club, Cub Scouts, and field trip adventures
piano lessons at Mama's house 
Little League and flag football
and before we know it
these seven years of school at home now coming to an end
your world begins to expand
that wide smile of yours
making friends wherever you go
carpools and parent teacher conferences
science fair projects and display boards
spelling and geography bee champion
all night homework marathons
January Winterims and student government
first date and first texts 
Friday night stomps in the gym 
"can you come pick me up?" phone calls
getting all decked out in a tux for Prom
ACT test re-takes to get your best score 
basketball practice sweaty and exhausted
away games and home games
broken finger and broken back
chips and salsa like there's no tomorrow
after school and summertime telemarketing job
stock market challenge pro 
team morale booster pizza party
heart breaking concussion   
Star Wars and NBA 2K marathons with the guys
college application and admission
to the school of your dreams
mission preparation and anticipation of where in the world it will be that you'll serve
springtime Senior-itis, big time
AP tests and end-of-term finals 
enduring to the end to that glorious day in May
this Graduation Day
a culmination, a celebration
these twelve years
of learning, studying
growing and discovering
your future looking so bright.

congratulations, my dear Samuel.
we did it.
you did it.

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