Friday, May 2, 2014

may second then and now

an epiphany:

just as i did those sixteen years ago
this very day, this very hour
that other may second
when the lilacs bloomed
and birds sang
and there was not a cloud in the sky,

i labor.

the birthing bed then,
the garden bed now.

oh, i labor
and i sweat and drip great big drops
and heave deep, exhausted breaths
pushing then
and pulling now,
longing for blessed relief 
with this overwhelming effort i chose to undertake
this unimaginable, unending, eternal task i face
even in the joy of it all
then and now and in days to come.

seeds sewn
in love and in hope;
forms of sweet and small tenderness
brought forth
and now planted
on and in this earth--

her life,
these plants

so perfectly, so exquisitely

and this Now and that Memory all seem to tie together today
and i realize
that in all aspects of my creative powers, 
then and now,
the growing and flourishing of these gifts
whether it's these children or this garden
(or my own life and happiness
when it all comes down to it)
each labor and task and outcome 
depend on my own
constant and consistent nurturing,
work, and watch care.

but, Love, really
most of all.


  1. Love your words and thoughts, Emily!

  2. Everything takes work, but over all, it is good work. Your words are a blessing... thank you. Mari

  3. Oh, this reminds me of my poem "A Mother's Seeds"!

  4. Very nice Emily. Love your poetry. Happy birthday to your girlie.