Saturday, July 26, 2014

away to the cabin (with a little video!)

we spent a couple days and nights at my sister and brother-in-law's beautiful mountain cabin this week.
my dad and two of our dear, young friends came, too.
having them join us was the highlight
of the whole experience. 
i think this little trip was just what we all needed.
a change of scenery. a change of pace. a change of routine.
laughter. storytelling. games. naps. 
books. drawing. journaling.
heart-to-heart conversation. star gazing 
(that milky way! oh, my.)
movies. old family photo slideshows. hikes.
late nights and late mornings. 
spaghetti and taco dinners and peanut butter brownies.
"reuben coyote potatoes" for breakfast.
a late afternoon jaunt to a neighboring village. 
joe's pottery. historical pioneer homes. 
(i'll share more of that next time)
and the absolute treat it was to have their folk music
fiddle and banjo (and a little piano mixed in here and there) and their sweet singing angel voices.

just so good to drop it all and get away.

hoping your weekend
is a beautiful one, too, my friend,



  1. I love the picture of your youngest cuddling with his big brother.

  2. Oh my, love, love, love the music! What did they play? The name of the song.