Friday, August 22, 2014

good things friday

:: My foot has been giving me grief. Worse than ever. I was feeling so desperate the other night. Pleading with God to help me to know what I should do. I want to walk. I want to start my practice up soon. This whole ordeal has been incapacitating, to say the least. Well, yesterday the thought of trying acupuncture kept coming into my mind. Intuition, Spirit, inspiration that I felt so deeply, to the core of me. So I went this morning for my first ever experience. I never imagined I would overcome my fear of needles and be so willing (even excited) to try this treatment. Easier after the deeper understanding and appreciation I gained in massage school of Chinese medicine/philosophy/acupressure.

I'm telling you, I've never before felt so relaxed, so calm throughout this amazing experience. Its effects on me even now. It wasn't at all what you'd expect. These needles were as thin as a strand of hair. I had them on my face, on top of my head, five of them on the fleshy area beneath my thumb, and several on both legs. I had them in for about 45 minutes, laying on the table, eyes closed-- that place where you aren't quite asleep, (I didn't feel sleepy)-- but like I was in a state of deep meditation and stillness. I'm very anxious to see what happens in these coming weeks, and so grateful for another opportunity to try to heal my foot.

:: You should have seen the cabbage I picked the other night. I'm not kidding you, it was a foot (or more) in diameter and I'm sure, weighed over 5 pounds. After two meals, I've still got half of it left in the fridge.

Oh, and the ongoing tomato harvest has been grand. Salsa making, of course, but the bruschetta, or just some slices (with little slivers of basil) on top of a hummus smeared piece of toast has been so good. 

:: Thankful to have received a brief email Wednesday night from Sam. Safe and sound at the Mexico City Missionary Training Center where he'll be for the next six weeks before flying to Arizona, Extremely tired after not getting any sleep the night before and the long flight, but meeting lots of nice people and happy to be there. My heart continues to ache, but hearing from him makes it a little easier. 

::Wonderful news yesterday. Gary got hired on working as a teaching assistant/office receptionist in the religion department (ancient scripture) at the university. A dream job while he's in school. Amazing that the professor he'll be working with is the aunt of a good friend of his (a fellow Finnish missionary. Her husband served a mission in Finland, too. What a coincidence!), and without even knowing these things, as well as the fact that this professor has an interest and specialty in Middle East studies which is Gary's own major. Wow!

So happy that the apartment Gary is in the process of moving into is so nice. He called me when I was at the bookstore yesterday and wanted me to come check it out. Too good to be true. It's been wonderful having him here this summer, but I know that living near campus and his friends will make it nicer for him. And I must say that I'm looking forward to having my "creating"room/office space back again.

We'll be doing some rearranging of bedrooms this weekend. Packing up Sam's bedroom, too. I'll get my massage studio back and all put together again, and maybe even paint the bedroom Isaac and Jane will be moving into this next week. It will be so good to have things put back into order around here.

:: Speaking of jobs, Jane couldn't be happier getting a full-time job at doTERRA (essential oils, wellness products). Her plan is to work, save money, and possibly go back to school in January. This job has so many perks; the beautiful, brand new campus is within walking distance and gives their employees a generous 70% discount on all products.

:: Isn't it great when just the right book turns up? That's what happened to me yesterday at the bookstore and the thrift store. Not one, but several. Sure looking forward to my new stack of goodies!

Happy Friday, friends!
As always, it's so good of you to stop by.


  1. I'm glad things are settling for you, finally. I'm sitting here, taking a salsa-stirring break, and of course I discover you've posted something. Let's get together soon, I've got much to share!

  2. Lots of good stuff happening for you Emily. I'm glad.