Friday, August 29, 2014

good things friday

:: fresh, local peaches.
One of my favorite things about summer,
one of my favorite things about life,

except maybe...

:: Corn on the cob.
Ernie's gift of two big bags.
The best we've ever, ever tasted.

:: new found curls.

:: receiving his first email from Mexico.
That he's smiling and happy.

:: birthday lunch dates.
Happy Birthday, Phyll!

:: their trip together to California.
Both of them wanting to share
 all the details (and laughter) with me.

:: August thunderstorms (cozy!) and spying that glorious after-dinner rainbow filling the sky.

:: time alone in a quiet house.

:: Jane and her friends inviting me to go with them to see a movie tonight. 

(The Giver)
That they consider me "one of the girls".

:: coming home to a beautiful doorstep surprise, her welcoming tour of that inspiring garden and sewing room, and finding her kind
and cheery handwritten note in the mailbox.
What a dear friend and kindred spirit you are, Melanie!

:: Autumn is coming! My favorite!

:: Sharon's kind offer to come over and pick blackberries this weekend.

:: swimming under a sky full of stars.

:: the opportunity this has given me to experience many, many ways of healing.

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