Sunday, August 17, 2014

images of a sunday

I wish you could have joined with us today.
That you could have sat among the congregation and heard 
Sam bare his sweet heart.
And soon after, experienced the absolute beauty of Jane on her violin and Averi accompanying her to "I Need Thee Every Hour".
That you could have parked your car on the street where we live and walked on into this blue house for a bite to eat.
Packed like sardines (someone guessed over sixty, easily) 
we would be.
Plates piled high, a Mexican feast (of course) 
and maybe a treat or two.
And as usual, there'd be some friendly chitchat, 
many smiles and much laughter.
So much support, so much love 
from all these family, friends, and neighbors.
And to you, like them, I'd send you off
with a warm, tight hug.
Until that next special occasion where we'll 
gather and meet again.

Hoping your Sunday was filled with beautiful moments, too...


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