Saturday, August 16, 2014


10 things I love about you:

:: those sweet freckles scattered across your face.

:: the twinkle in your eyes and the way your bright smile lights up the world.

:: your clever witticisms. You keep us laughing (and on our toes) all the time.

:: all the endearing nicknames we've given you: Bodger, Bodge, Bodgerino, LeafBud, Hud, Lishousness, Hodge, Reno... all these funny nicknames because we adore you so.

:: your head massages are the best I've ever experienced. You have such strong, knowing hands.

:: our special outings, just you and I, to the library and a stop for sushi. Speaking of your interest in ethnic foods, it's so fun that you chose Bombay House for tonight's family party.

:: the way you so easily make and keep friends. You are everyone's best friend and each of the kid's best beloved sibling.

:: how you still hold my hand and want me to hold you on my lap.

:: your insatiable love of reading and your curiosity about this world.

:: the lightness, joy, fun, and laughter you bring to our family. Your life and presence is a precious gift, and we can't imagine how it would be without you in each of our lives.


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  1. Happy birthday to your 10 year old sweetie. He sure is cute and my gosh that strawberry cake looks soooo good!