Saturday, August 2, 2014


After a total of five trips this week to two different doctor's offices, two hospitals, and multiple blood labs, as well as going shopping with Sam to get him all outfitted for his mission, I've been a little on the edgy side. (Just ask my kids.) Feeling so much pressure and responsibility and overwhelm.

So after Keith listened to my sob (literally) story over the phone on Friday afternoon, he whisked me away that evening for a nice drive to Midway. I could feel my nerves calming by the minute. Especially driving around Deer Creek and looking out at those boats floating on still waters as the sun was going down.  

Later, enjoying an alfresco dinner together under tiny, white twinkly lights of that old house which so charmingly has been transformed into one of most popular restaurants in town. The treat it was to listen to the mellow music of a live band of guitar players and sweet singing voices, as well as our delicious wood fired-thin crust pizza, bruschetta, and a big salad. "It doesn't get any better than this," I kept thinking.

Both of us commenting that this might be Keith's last hurrah as far as pizza (until we can try gluten-free alternatives) goes as we are awaiting the results of his, Eliza, and Isaac's celiac tests to come back on Monday. (Gary still needs to do his.) 

Today was a good day. 

We had to be ready to head out the door early this morning for a family photo shoot. (Grateful for a client of mine who I trade work with.) A miracle that all seven of us were showered, pressed, dressed and ready to be able to make it in time. (We chose a nearby pond and wooded area.) This was the best experience we've ever had getting our family pictures done. Everyone (surprisingly) in a good mood, smiling, laughing, and joking the whole time. I can't tell you how much this warmed my heart.  I can't wait to see the photos. I'll share them here, for sure!

We decided it would be fun to go out for breakfast afterwards. Thinking it might be the last time in a long time we will be all together for things like this. Interesting (that poor waitress) at how many dietary restrictions we all have, but still being able to find things that we all could eat. I guess we'll have to get used to the idea. Along these same lines, I never would have believed that my fridge would now hold three different types of milks to accommodate all of us.

Another week where I felt like I neglected poor Isaac. Sigh...  

After napping and lounging around the house (recuperation, more like it!) for much of the afternoon, I took him to the library to get all stocked up for the week, and to get some much needed new shoes. Back-to-School is fast approaching. 

Looking forward to getting together with my extended family tomorrow evening at my parent's home. 

Wishing you, too, a relaxing rest of the weekend and a big thank you for being here. It means so much to me that you would.


I couldn't resist posting this photo of the kids. Their selfie from this morning. It totally cracks me up.

Jane's description says it all: 
This represents our sibling relationship. classic.

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