Friday, September 26, 2014

10 things

1. an indulgence, (a school day, no less) laying in bed a half hour longer this morning. especially after making an effort every day this week to have nice sit-down breakfasts. cold cereal it is.
2. a return to the school "science fair project" (not my favorite...sigh....) after a long sabbatical. crystal radio waves it will be. glad, though, for an opportunity for him to delve into his interests.
3. autumn light that slants golden.
4. last night's 11:00 p.m. phone call. or his random (saturday morning!) 7:00 a.m. "british coronation anthem" texts. his need to share his life with me the way he does. that we are friends.
5. this solemn reminder that death can come at anytime.
6. earth-angel(s)
7. joining with the monday night empty-nesters. sharing her heart with them all.
8. sometimes it's just easier to crawl.
9. her first date dance tomorrow. her first big-city concert tonight. my. this little puppy-love is growing up.
10. the car alarm going off in the hotel parking garage after the lecture last night. those ten minutes feeling like forever. alone, panic, frantic, embarrassed, and helpless until the kind security guard comes to my rescue. duh, lady. (if i could have read his thoughts) just press that little red button on you car-key thing. i'm almost positive he chuckled to himself as he walked away.


  1. Ahhh Emily, I just wrote out a big comment about my duh lady moment this week. And lost it! Crap, later friend....

  2. Ha hahaha, I have that thingy too, it's called the panic button. But the few times I have accidentally touched it, I felt like digging a hole right where I stood. I do hope that when I am in a panic, I can remember to touch that button.