Sunday, September 21, 2014

around here

:: My days are pretty simple. Lots of time and focus on self-care, rejuvenation, and rest. Getting back to the practice of warm lemon water first thing in the morning, followed by a quart of green smoothie. Lots of time in the chair reading, listening to podcasts, downloading ebooks, watching movies on Netflix. It's either been that or time on my scooter in the kitchen trying out a new granola recipe or a batch of gluten-free blueberry muffins. Cooking always brings me joy, and I find that it's manageable and do-able on my scooter. At least it's something I can do, albeit a little slower and cumbersome.

In between all the days (and some evenings) of solitude, I've ventured out a few times to a doctor appointment, the grocery store, the bookstore, and treated myself to a solo lunch date. (so excited to find a new-to-me local cafe that specializes in "healthy" and vegan/gluten-free offerings) I smile when little kids point and say "Daddy, it's a bike!"

Excited that my foot seems to be healing.
(Stitches come out this week!)

:: "It's sure a good mail day for you, Mom!" Eliza said as she brought in this wonderful stack of goodies to me yesterday. Two beautiful cards from two dear friends (thank you Melanie and Renee!), and two new books I've ordered last week:

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook
Nourishing Meals
Where have these amazing cookbooks been all my life? Thank you, Jennifer, for the heads up and encouragement to seek these gluten-free, whole food resources.

 Looking forward to trying out some gluten-free breads with the pantry supplies I purchased this week, and already having a fun time trying out some of these excellent recipes. (a beautiful, Raw Berry Tart With Coconut Pastry Cream  this morning's Home-Style Potatoes for Keith's birthday breakfast, and a totally delicious autumnal salad/dressing-- spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, dried cranberries, candied pecans-- I took to a family  dinner last night. Everyone raved about it.

:: now for some news regarding my kids:

Eliza participated last week in our community "Chalk the Block" art festival. Her work was beautiful and earned her an honorable mention award.

It's hard to believe that Sam has been gone a whole month. He's loving his life as a missionary in Mexico. He can't believe how fast the Spanish is coming for him. He's happy and excited and healthy. (mom so relieved and grateful) "
Most of my meals are arroz y frijoles, and I put them on corn tortillas with limes and salsa, or something like that. Also lots of fresh fruit. The fruit here is really really good. I don´t normally like fruit, but I have been eating a ton of it here, probably because I can never have the desserts."  He's never seen so much rain in his life, as well as the palm- sized moths and spiders he and his roommates wake up to almost daily in their little "casa".

Isaac and Keith enjoyed their camping outing and college football game this weekend.

Gary asked me if he could take some of our garden stuff to the professor he works for. She oohed and awed over the bag of tomatoes and it was nice to share the bounty.

With Jane working at doTerra (she just got asked to join the Mandarin Chinese support team!), she spent Thursday through Saturday at their annual convention. With the 19,000 attendees, you can imagine what a huge production it was. She is exhausted from working the daily 14 hour shifts (her poor feet are covered in blisters) but came home so excited and fulfilled to be able to spend much of her time translating and assisting so many Taiwanese visitors. 

:: September is birthday month around here. In both our extended families. It's been fun to gather a few nights to celebrate with everyone. 

:: where have all these curls come from? A never before experienced phenomena. Pretty much just wash and air dry and I'm good to go. So easy and a fun change.


  1. I didn't know Keith's birthday was this month, Lynn and I both have ours in September as well. Good company this month! Happy belated birthday to your wonderful husband. :)

  2. Ooohhhh! So cool to see my little note on the blog, thanks for that. Eliza's chalking....Wow, wow, wow! Things are looking up for you!