Thursday, September 4, 2014

change of plans

hi friends.

well, i had all my intentions and plans set for this month of september, but life has a way of changing things, i've learned.

i've recently experienced another stress fracture in my foot. a different spot than the one earlier this summer. my plantar fasciitis won't let up. the inflammation (and the resulting pain) problem, we saw yesterday through ultrasound, greater than when i first went to the doctor in january, and even greater after my surgery in march.

as you know, i've tried everything. it's been hard not to allow discouragement to consume me. to be able to feel hope and trust. to not be able to do something as simple as being able to walk. it's hard to not have the freedom to live the life i want and need to live. especially hard when others depend on me. a hard thing to not allow my spirit and will to be broken.

and this idea of letting go. oh, how i'm learning what that means.

considering all these factors, i've (we've) decided my next and hopefully final step will be another surgery. the one that is more invasive, and that i've tried at all costs to avoid, but one that i hope will be the solution. i go in on tuesday. i'll be looking at another long recovery with lots of down time. back to using crutches and that fun, fun scooter for six weeks, give or take.

again, i feel like a sad and sorry broken record, hesitating to continually share this ongoing trial with you all, but as this blog's main purpose has been the tool to record the story of my life, i feel it should be included. and i guess i just wanted to let you-- my family, friends, and neighbors-- know that i may or may not be present here for a while. maybe i'll pop in when i get bored or when inspiration strikes. or those days when i can hobble around with my camera. (the idea of not taking photographs just kills me.)

as i always say and i always mean, your visits and interest in my life amazes me. for this, my heart is lifted and grateful. 

life is really so very beautiful.

see you on the other side,


  1. Hang in there, don't give up. I really enjoy your blog and I wish I knew you, and I could bring you some books, and tell you funny stories. The inconvience of trials is that we can "see" the other side and in our minds, we are constantly formulating methods to shorten the distance between the "going through" and the end of.
    My husband and I are "going through", and we have been through the worst of it, but we must continue and endure until the end. But what to do when you are in the middle? Jesus, upon preparing his disciples for a soon to come catastropic event, encouraged everyone, including himself I am sure; he said Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.". It has taken me years to figure out what he meant, and how did he overcome the world. He wrestled it into submission by giving his full measure of devotion and love. I know that we must be of good cheer, and even "rejoice in our suffering as suffering produces perserverence, and perserverence character and character hope. We must continue to belive all things, and hope all things.
    Get well, be of good cheer, and yes we will meet on the other side.xoxoxo

    1. Ramona, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Oh, how much I'd love receiving your visit, your carefully chosen books, and laughing at your funny stories! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words with me. They strengthen and bless me. They give me insight and hope. Thank you for being here with and for me. xo

  2. I like what Ramona just said, if I were closer I'd come over visit with you, bring books and tell funny stories. I'd do that too. Thanks for sharing. All your readers are curious of your progress and wish healing for you. This is going to be good Emily, I just know it. Hang in there kid, your almost on the other side.

    1. Renee, this brought a tear to my eyes. The words you shared (and chose) touch me more than you'll ever know. xo

  3. So sorry to hear this. Hang in there.

    1. Gretchen, your caring and kindess blesses me. Thank you for your friendship. xo