Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello Again... And Making Real Life Connection


It's been a week since I posted and I've missed it. I miss capturing my life's moments and sharing them here in this space...with you. Before I get into the real purpose of today's post, I wanted to give you a little post-op update. Last week's surgery went as expected, and I'll go back tomorrow to the doctor to get the dressing changed and see how things are progressing. I've spent most of the time either in bed or in my reading chair with foot elevated. My calf is all wrapped and splinted. (Huge, huge foot = wearing of skirts, awkward, and uncomfortable.) Thank goodness I'm off those nausea, loopy, and sleep-inducing pain meds, but in a lot of ways, I'm grateful that they were able to help manage my pain for the first few, rough days. 

I've slept a lot, read a lot, Pinterest-ed a lot. Watched a few foreign films on Netflix and thought a lot. Felt profound gratitude for the help and support I've received. I'm pretty good at hopping on one foot now when I can't access my crutches or Red-Riding Hood scooter, and am quite the sight scooting my bum down the stairs (and I have no shame crawling up stairs, too, and showering while sitting on a garden bucket.). And as you might guess, I've cried some tears of frustration and have gone a little stir crazy, too. 

Today that feeling of boredom, blah, and loneliness was lifted and here's why:

After three years of back and forth emails and reading each other's blogs, I finally had a face-to-face, real-life meeting with Jennifer. A lovely woman that shares so many of my own interests, lifestyle choices, and values. (Her blog, Kidoing has been so inspirational to me in my journey towards eating a whole foods, plant-based diet.) Through our first "meeting" in Heather's (of the beautiful blog Beauty That Moves) wonderfully life-changing 30 Day Vegan workshop (and other workshops over the years), our communications and connection developed into what we both consider a dear friendship. A friendship in every sense of the word.

So you can't imagine how excited I felt when she told me we would have a chance to finally meet as they would be moving this summer from their home in Pennsylvania. Making a month long cross-country road trip to settle somewhere "out West". Using this opportunity of the move and job change to allow their sweet homeschooled children to really get an up-close, experiential, educational , and once-in-a-lifetime understanding of our beautiful America.

How lucky for me that their itinerary included Utah! Of course I would do anything in this world to make our meeting happen. I wanted so much to show kindness, love, and hospitality to her, Marc, and the children. Especially here with a home cooked meal and lots of talk and sharing around my dinner table.

I can't tell you how happy this has made me. A dream come true and an almost surreal experience. With all the sincerity of my heart, meeting Jennifer was one of the highlights of my life. (Yes, I cried.) Just like I felt a few years ago when I met and hosted another internet friend and fellow blogger, Renee (who blogs at FIMBY) and her husband Damien. (He came back the following year and stayed a few nights with us while attending the Outdoor Retailers Expo here in Utah.) 

More and more, my heart is overwhelmed with all the goodness and joy this blog, and really the whole internet, blogging world has given me. It's been an amazing tool in creating a community and connection with so many kindred souls all across the world. Out of that has come cherished and soul-sharing emails and honest-to-goodness friendship with some of you dear ones who I now consider precious friends.

Like I've said before, I'm seeing more and more just how small this world really is- 

if we give love a chance.

And it is just so amazing to me how many good people there are in this world. That through this medium of internet and social media-- connection, community, and even (real-life!) friendship can be found. 

I am blessed.

P.S. If any of you guys ever come to Utah, I'd host you and feed you and hug you just the same!!

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  1. That's so neat to meet up with your online friendships! Glad you are doing well.