Monday, September 1, 2014

September ambitions, observations, intentions

I originally posted this blog entry three years ago. And since September marks the beginning of my very favorite time of the year, I sat down this weekend to plan and formulate a vision of what I want for this new month and this new season of autumn. I kept coming back to this post. My intentions are always the same, it seems. Yes, there are a few changes I've adapted (which I'll indicate and update in red), but the essence, I've found, will always remain the same.

Year, after year, after year...

The breezes taste
Of apple peel.
The air is full
Of smells to feel-
Ripe fruit, old footballs,
Burning brush,
New books, erasers,
Chalk, and such.
The bee, his hive,
Well-honeyed hum,
And Mother cuts
Like plates washed clean
With suds, the days
Are polished with

A morning haze."

~ John Updike, September

Are you getting excited for fall? I am. It's my favorite season of the year.

To me, September really seems like a fresh start, a new beginning. I've noticed that I tend to make a list of goals, things I'd like to accomplish three times throughout the year: Every January (obviously, with the new year), at the beginning of summer, and now with the arrival of autumn. (I know we're not really through with summer; a few weeks more.) Here's my thoughts for this new month.

(A note: You may be thinking, "Emily, how are you going to do all this in one month's time?" Well, remember, these are only ideas, friends. The possibilities, the list making, the planning...thinking about all this is as enjoyable as actually doing it all! I know I may not be able to accomplish everything here, and that's okay. I might put it off to the next month, and that's okay, too. Either way, it's still fun to think about, nonetheless.)


~one can feel a change in the air, a snap; autumn is on its way!
~cooler temperatures mean that it's time to pull out our jackets and sweaters
~the leaves are starting to change on the mountainside; pockets of red, orange, and yellow are seen from down here in the valley
~early fall thunderstorms feel refreshing after the long, hot summer months
~the sunlight starts to get that golden glow that I love
~the first flocks of geese are seen flying overhead
~milkweed pods are bursting with their silky white threads
~the garden is yellowing now; vines are starting to wither
~farmer's fields of grain are golden and ripe
~chrysanthemums are in bloom
~the peaking sunflowers bow their heads full of seeds
~first snow is seen on Mt. Timp
~the large swarms of birds that swoop across our yard are back
~orchards are laden with ripe apples and peaches
~bees are busily producing honey


~return (in earnest) to soup making and bread baking. Take some down to share with the college kids and their roommates, neighbors and friends
~peaches, so sweet and juicy, are bottled and enjoyed fresh
~tomatoes are coming in by the bowl full now, ready to be made into salsa and spaghetti sauce that we'll enjoy in the cooler months.
~basil and pesto sauce for the freezer 
~it's apple time! With that comes applesauce, cider, caramel apples, dried apples, apple pie, apple cake, and apple muffins and breads.
~ roasted root vegetables and winter squashes
~cinnamon toast for breakfast sounds like a good idea
~warm milk, chai, cocoa, teas of all sorts


~come back to order with all these bedroom switches
~the return of routine made easier with the start of the new school year (besides the family and kids rhythms, this including things like my own personal inner work such as prayer, meditation, study, yoga, exercise. Also back to a daily personal/homemaking schedule I call The Big Plan 
~time to get cozy again! Let's light a candle at table and bring out the throws
~welcome return to sweaters and wool and corduroy
~the satisfying feeling that comes with storing food for winter, just like a busy, frantic little squirrel
~canning season begins (salsa, peaches, jam, etc.)
~make a big batch of cocoa mix and restock the tea supply 
~ make up some chai concentrate to keep on hand in the fridge.
~freeze spaghetti sauce, tomato soup, pesto, and peaches
~update the 72 hour emergency kits. Store them in the new space created in my (now organized and bare) closet
~finish the family herbalist course, re-stock the wellness kit/supplies to prepare for cold and flu season
~make order in the storage room
~sew simple pillows for the couch,  sew up some new aprons
~wonderful anticipation of the holidays season that's just around the corner. Start thinking about homemade Christmas gifts

Activities and Crafts:

~enjoy an overnighter with Keith and time at Swiss Days at the cabin
~Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer season. We welcome the day off
~college football games make for fun Saturday afternoons with the girls
~visit a farmer's market and bring home some boxes of peaches and apples
~go to the state fair
~invite people over for a weekend dinner/get together
~display early fall scene on this month's nature table: focus on wheat and apples
~start gathering autumn books and poetry to place in the basket near the fireplace
~start singing the seasonal autumn songs
~mark fall's arrival with a drive up to the canyon. Let's gather some colored leaves to press and display
~ enjoy canyon hikes, picnics, bike rides, and canoeing (hoping so much that my foot is up to it)
~use our pressed leaves to make a fireplace garland, chandelier mobile, sun catchers, bookmarks, cards, and place mats.
~celebrate Keith's birthday on the 21st
~celebrate Papa's birthday on the 18th
~remember Grandma Fay's birthday on the 12th
~decorate the front porch at the end of the month with the scarecrow, hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins, and gourds, potted chrysanthemums

What are your seasonal plans for this month of September? Autumn intentions, in general? I'd love you to share in the comments!

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  1. September is my favorite month for so many reasons! Autumn begins, but also because my husband and I share it as our birthday month. We always make time for each other and celebrate. It's also the start to the apple season, and apples are my favorite. I just ordered 4 custom-grafted heirloom apple trees! It's also a time to visit the sewing room more since the garden is slowing down. I've already finished that quilt on the wall and almost done with another small project. I plan to sew, read, bake, run, write, laugh, love, and all those other things that are just a part of who I am that I never seem to make into a list.